Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Holy Mole! Luke's birthday!

So this weekend was Luke's 21st birthday. We had a nice relaxing weekend (or at least I did). Friday we had a few people over to the house and hung out on the roof then around midnight we walked down to the bar at the end of the street and met up with a more people. I snuck in like a champ. I felt a little bad we didn't have a lot of choices of places to go since I'm the last one to turn 21 and we come to find a lot of places out here are 21+. Apparantly everyone decided that for my birthday we're all going to Vegas since I'm the youngest. I'm fine with it if I'm not paying for anything (its my birthday after all :-D) After about an hour it was apparent that he needed to get into bed (thank Art and Tyler).
Around 4p.m. Sunday he finally woke up. I was a little happy about him sleeping in since I didn't have to make breakfast. :-) After making some calls to his family and a much needed bath he was awake in time for the special dinner I had planed for him. Cooking for Luke, I've learned, is both extremly easy but still very difficult. Its easy for the fact that anything you put in front of him (espcially spicy) he'll love it. It was so hard to figure out what his favorite meal is, even his mom was stumped! The only meal I've seen him get excited about was in Mexico he was insistant that I try Mole (Moe-lay). Something he always remebered his grandmother making. I found a Mexican market right near out house and it is my new favorite store. It has so many spices and meats and everything is a goot amount cheaper than at our usual store. I was nervous but luckly since he was a sleep all day if it didn't come out right I could scratch it and do something else with out him knowing. Everything came out fantastic! It was so good we wolfed it down with out getting a good picture of it. The best part about it is we have so much left over we have been eating Mole tacos every chance we get. Not to mention ice cream cake!
This weekend I'm going to try and make one of my favorite meals Ropa Vieja. Its a kind of Cuban stew that my friend Angela's Wella would always make. Hopefully we'll find my camera charger so I can get some of the pictures up here.

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  1. sounds like Luke had a nice birthday. You must becoming a great cook, you should go to school and become a chef, or open you own pie store. Hope all is going well,when you turn 21 just think you can do anything or go anywhere you want.Love you, Grandma